A Little Bit About Me

Hawthorne NV is where my husband grew up and where we met and married.  

I have four children Shane, Brandy, Heather, Kim. 11 grandchildren and a wonderful husband Micheal.

I enjoy reading about native Americans and their contributions to the new generation of its peoples, their music (flute) is my favorite.

I also have a deep love for family, and mine has grown a lot over the last few years. My son Shane has 3 children, my daughters; Brandy is a mother of 2, Heather is a mother of 3, and Kim is a mother of 3.

My husband Micheal is the binding twine that holds it altogether. He is always there when I need a friend to talk to or just to have someone to hold me and let me know that everything is ok in our little world. He has always been a great support for me in anything that I endeavor. Micheal I love you with all my heart.

Lets not forget my little loves.

Tyler, Alex, Jake, Joshua, Elenna, Ivy, Vince, Jayd, Miranda, Dillion, and Zachary. They are my little angles and they are nana's pride and joys, my Grandchildren.

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